Mac Hack Gives New Life To Older Machines And To Pro Tools

05-03-2014 06:00 PM

Community member Joey Heshion has breathed new life into his 2006 Mac Pro and thinks he will get 10 years of working life out of it by using the Tiamo LaunchDaemon. He writes;
“Now running Mavericks 10.9.2 with full functionality. (Mavericks won’t run on pre-2009 computers) I also applied a startup LaunchDaemon script that will automatically overwrite the files in question to keep the machine humming along after future updates.

End result: This keeps the latest Pro Tools HD running on my same $500 used machine obtained six years ago and the newest Pro Tools engine allows for twice the tracks & workload in Pro Tools.

  • Upgraded processors to two quad-cores with new thermal heatsink paste.
  • Hacked bios to 2,1 - machine now thinks it’s newer.
  • Installed two SSDs, four HDDs and 32GB of ram.
  • Installed 1GB video card compatible with 64-bit Mavericks.
  • Hacked OS to think it’s a later model so Mavericks would run.
  • Applied latest updates and patches to Mavericks 10.9.2
  • Overwrote hidden OS files from a 2nd machine via Target Disk Mode.
  • Installed LaunchDaemon that runs on startup to check for & overwrite the files that would keep Mavericks from running.”

Thanks Joey, there’s life in these old machines if we are wiling to put some time into reading, Joey adds;
“They can find the VERY LONG blog of 1700+ entries on the forum, under the Mavericks or MacPro sections. Searching for “Tiamo” will help. He wrote the LaunchDaemon.
For those wanting to explore this option then head over to the Mac Rumors Forum here