5 Things You Must Check Out In AIR Hybrid 3

05-03-2014 10:00 AM

The arrival of the new AIR Hybrid 3 may leave some existing users wondering what all the fuss is about, is it just a paint job and a few new presets. Well as the person who made the Hybrid video tutorial series for the original version I can tell you that Hybrid 3 is filled with some hot features.
We had access to Hybrid before anyone else so you can check out our world first review of Hybrid 3 here.
Here are 5 Hybrid 3 features you must check out.
1. The New Hype Algorithm

The new Hype Algorithm is a kind of loudness control on steroids. It takes sounds and gives them both big bottom end and shimmering highs. It is full adjustable so can be adjusted to taste.
2. The New Patches

AIR have worked very hard to show off Hybrid 3 to its full potential, there are presets that will make everyone from EDM to sound designers smile and all organised in a very handy patch menu.
3. The New Doubling Controls

The new doubling control takes already fat sounds and supersizes them, take Super Saws and make them into Super Super Saws.
4. Enhanced Step Sequencers

In Hybrid 3 now sequencer events can linked to create even more complex and imaginative sequences that can used either in a musical fashion or as the source for a modulation.
5. Dual Filtering and Saturation Modes

Filtering is an essential part of subtractive synth’s sound, they have to sound good and be flexible The filters in Hybrid 3 offer both digital and analogue modes as well as dual filtering with a variety of routing possibilities including parallel and serial.
All in all Hybrid 3 is what Hybrid has always had the potential of being, a powerful synth with an enormous variety of uses. Check it out.