Waves Are Offering Spring Savings On A Range Of Plug-ins

05-02-2014 10:00 AM

In May our friends at Waves are offering a range of plug-ins for Spring Savings until May 31st 2014.

Waves Single Plug-ins - Up To 65% Discount - From $49

Six vital plug-ins now on sale:

  • Reel ADT
  • MetaFilter
  • H-EQ Hybrid Equalizer
  • Kramer PIE Compressor
  • PuigTec EQP-1A + MEQ-5 EQ
  • CLA Guitars

Waves Horizon 60% Discount - $1299

A comprehensive collection of over 60 essential precision-modeled vintage plugins, including CLA Classic Compressors, Kramer Tape, Tubes & Transistors, JJP Analog Legends, L3-16 Multimaximizer, H-Delay, H-Comp and much more.

Studio Classics Collection - 60% Discount - $599

Modeled on famous recording consoles, this three-bundle compilation includes 11 plugins that recreate every nuance of hardware behavior.

  • SSL 4000 Collection
  • API Collection
  • V-Series

Waves Essential Bundles - Up To 60% Discount - From $149

Big savings on essential bundles for mixing, mastering and post-production:

  • L3-16 Multimaximizer
  • Renaissance Maxx
  • Broadcast & Production

Waves Vitamin Sonic Enhancer - 50% Discount - $99

Waves Vitamin is a multiband harmonic enhancer that will make any track sound powerful and full of spark. Perfect for studio mixing and mastering and for live sound. See our Show & Tell Reviews for Music and Post on our Video Reviews page
Waves Weekend Deals

Don’t forget to check the Waves Weekend Deals too on Saturdays and Sundays.