Bad Cat Samples' Bad Cat Pack - 6 Sample Packs Bundled Together 42 - 33% Discount

05-01-2014 07:33 PM

We are offering an exclusive bundle of all Bat Cat Samples VIs including the brand new, hot off the press Celtic Harp VI. The bundle consists of…

  • The Music Box
  • The Bass Pedals
  • The Indi Glock
  • The Performachord
  • The Lucky Harp
  • The Mini Keys

All the VIs in the bundle have character and are different to most samples out there. You need Kontakt 5.3 or above to use these VIs, although for our Logic Pro friends sevral will run inside EXS 24.
Bad Cat Samples Music Box

  • A deeply sampled music box instrument
  • Runs in Kontact 5.3+ and EXS 24
  • Over 750 samples in a 420mb download.

They took 16 different music boxes and meticulously recorded each one note by note to create a highly expressive music box instrument with all the nuances and intricacy of the real thing. In an effort to make an instrument of the highest quality & detail, we made sure to include every subtly possible. Each crank, creek, scratch, buzz, ting and scrape was left in and the result is something quite organic and simply inspiring to play.
The Bass Pedals

  • A deeply sampled “Bass Pedals” section of a vintage Hammond
  • Runs in Kontact 5.3+ and EXS 24
  • 420mb download.

What happens when you throw a dynamic mic and ribbon mic in front of a vintage Hammond Organ and dial in as many different tones as possible? The answer quite simply, is “The bass pedals” From the makers of “The Music Box” comes the highly anticipated follow up release.
The Indi Glock

  • A deeply sampled Glockenspiel instrument
  • Runs in Kontact 5.3+ and EXS 24
  • 498mb download.

The Indi Glock is the by product of the Bad Cat team searching for a solution to finding the perfect “Glock” sound to fit the modern day track. There are some great Glock sound’s out there but many of them are simply too “clean”, for lack of a better word. We wanted to create something that could sit in a track a little more naturally without the need for too much additional processing, something with a little more grit, with more of an “indi” vibe. Hence, The Indi Glock was born.
The Performachord

  • A deeply sampled performachord instrument
  • Runs in Kontact 5.3+
  • Over 700 samples in a 1.12 GB download.

“The Performachord” is a reed based instrument thats somewhat of a cross between an accordion, and an organ. It is also commonly known as a “Chord Organ”, among a couple other names. The left hand is played by “push down” buttons offering different voiceing’s including: Roots, Major, Minor, & Seventh. Although this may seem basic to some, with a little creativity, and a decent grasp of theory, one can actually create numerous chord voicings using a combination of these buttons alone.
The Lucky Harp

  • A deeply sampled Celtic Harp instrument
  • Runs in Kontact 5.3+
  • 6 Velocity Layers, 6 Round Robins
  • Over 936 samples in a 465 MB download.

“The Lucky Harp” is a meticulously recorded, and incredibly deeply sampled Celtic Harp instrument. Offering 6 Velocities Layers, and 6 Round Robins giving 36 unique samples per string. The particular instrument that we sampled was a 26 string Diatonic Celtic Harp in the key of C. Their goal was to offer something incredibly deep and extremely expressive, and they are very pleased with this latest offering.
The Mini Keys (Freebie)

  • An exploratory Freebie recorded through a pickup
  • Runs in Kontact 4.2.4+ and EXS 24

This is an exploratory series where every sample is recorded through high quality preamps but instead of using a microphone we use an excellent hum-bucker guitar pickup. The result is a crisp and clean sample with an incredibly low noise floor recorded at 24bits and 48khz. Combine that with some experimental scripting in Kontakt to create some slightly off quilter possibilities and you have an interesting tool for the mad scientist music producer/composer.
Bad Cat Samples Testimonial

“BadCat is always full of surprises of the highest quality. Their music box is nothing short of perfection, I always look forward to their next release” Shawn Patterson- composer/songwriter/producer for The Lego Movie, Robot chicken, Mad, Annoying Orange, Ren and Stimpy
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