Acon Digital Verberate Algorithmic Reverb Plug-in 39 - 33% Discount

05-01-2014 11:01 AM

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Verberate is an algorithmic reverb plug-in that simulates real acoustical surroundings with a new degree of realism. Several conventional building blocks in traditional digital reverb design have been replaced by novel methods that allow Verberate to produce convincing early reflections and the dense reverberation tails that characterize impulse response measurements of real acoustical spaces. The result is a clean, unobtrusive sonic quality and a reverb that blends seamlessly into a mix. This is the reverb for those who like clean and realistic reverbs like convolution reverbs, but are in need of more flexibility and tweaking possibilities without sacrificing realism.
Acon Digital Verberate Features

Platforms and Plug-in Formats

  • Available as VST or AAX plug-ins on PC (Windows)
  • Available as VST, AAX or AU plug-ins on Apple Macintosh (OS X)
  • Native 32 bit or 64 bit versions of all plug-ins are available
  • Supports sampling rates up to 96 kHz
  • Mono and stereo (true stereo processing)


  • Independent early reflections and reverberation tail processors
  • True stereo processing
  • Realistic early reflections that blend into the mix without unpleasant comb filter effects
  • Very dense late reverberation tails with little coloration due to proprietary methods
  • Uncluttered user interface
  • Graphical visualization of equalizer frequency response and frequency dependent reverberation times
  • Preset manager and a large number of factory presets
  • Save, load and categorize user presets

Acon Digital Verberate Testimonal

Tjerk Hoomans and Frits Barth of the Dutch producer duo SolidTrax
The biggest strength of Verberate is that it sounds incredible transparent, or let’s say it sounds like a real space. It doesn’t sound like you add a layer of reverb on top of the sound. Instead, Verberate becomes one with the sound. Verberate can be very stealth. You don’t realize it’s there, but once you disable it, you instantly realize how much a difference it makes.
Verberate is now the first reverb I reach out to when I’m looking for a realistic room emulation. Previously, I would use a convolution reverb for this task, but Verberate offers me a far greater flexibility. I can decide how I want the reverb to sound, I’m not limited anymore to a handful of impulse responses.
Many instruments will benefit from the smooth and natural sound of Verberate. The way it can make a lead vocal blend so much better inside a mix is stunning. You don’t even realize at first there is a reverb applied to this vocal, but once you disable it, the vocal suddenly is not glued anymore inside the mix.