This Week's Highlights From Logic Pro Expert And Ableton Live Expert

04-26-2014 02:30 PM

There were some posts from our friends at both Logic Pro Expert and Ableton Live Expert, on of them was ‘life-changing’ for me, yes really.
OSX Automator – Accelerate Your Studio Set-up

Ableton Live Expert editor Martin Delaney made this OSX Automator video - Automator has always been one of those things I thought might improve my workflow but I could never get to grips with it, it left me scratching my head.
After watching Martin’s video tutorial OSX Automator – accelerate your studio set-up I was able to create an application to open and set up all the software I use to create the video tutorials (ironically) and also one to take any image of any size and format (in fact any amount of them) and convert them to be the 550px JPEGs we use for the blog. Genius! Life changed.
Recording and Mixing Tips – Levels in Digital Audio – Free PDF

An equally useful post from Dennis editor of Logic Pro Expert was his Recording and Mixing Tips – Levels in Digital Audio – Free PDF, featuring an excellent resource on audio levels in DAWs from Grammy nominated mastering engineer Holger Lagerfeldt.
If you missed this then it is well worth downloading the free PDF and reading it.
Ableton Live Expert And Logic Pro Expert For The Best Production Tips

It’s worth keeping an eye on all the Expert sites, there are lots of tips, tricks and reviews that transcend any DAW boundaries and are in many ways, as for did for me, are going to improve your recording and productions.
Source: Logic Pro Expert, Ableton Live Expert