Mellowmuse AAX Plug-ins In Final Testing Stage

04-24-2014 09:49 PM

Mellowmuse first came to fame a few years ago when they offered Pro Tools users their Automatic Time Adjuster (ATA) software, this enabled Pro Tools 7 and 8 users ADC in a version of Pro Tools that did not have it as standard.
Since that time Mellowmuse have gone on to develop some excellent plug-ins, based on vintage hardware compressors and equalizers.
Mellowmuse AAX Plug-ins

In a recent news item on their website Mellowmuse have announced the imminent arrival of AAX 64 bit versions of their plug-ins for Pro Tools users, they write “Just finishing up installers for OSX, Windows versions will be out a week or so after that. The only major casualty has been the group modes in SATV and CS1V. It had been the cause of a number of stability issues, and had to go for now at least. Additions include new VST3 formats.”
Plug-ins in the new release include; CS1V, CP3V, CP2V, EQ2V AND SATV.
Source: Mellowmuse