New AIR Instrument Expansion Pack To Ship Next Week - AAX, VST, AU Formats

04-24-2014 03:59 PM

A few weeks ago we ran a poll asking how many users were working in multiple DAWs, the results were enlighting and it seems that many users need to jump between different platforms. Plug-ins that are available in all formats are essential for many of us.
New AIR Instrument Expansion Pack

Now AIR Music Tech have posted on their Facebook page that the new version of the AIR Instrument Pack will ship next week, they write;
“Coming next week, the new AIR Music Tech Instrument Expansion Pack featuring Hybrid 3 & support for AU, VST, AAX platforms. This is the first time this legendary pack will be available for other Daw’s such as Ableton, Logic Pro or Steinberg Cubase — feeling excited.”
This offers all sorts of new oportunities for both Pro Tools users and those who work on mulitple platforms, enabling users to now use our favourite virtual instruments like Structure, Transfuser and Strike in any AAX, VST or AU DAW.
We are sure that our friends at Ableton Live Expert and Logic Pro Expert are looking forward to this.