Flux Celebrate Having AAX Native & DSP 64 Bit Plug-ins For Pro Tools 11

04-22-2014 03:40 PM

Our new friends at Flux Sound & Picture Development now have all their Flux:: series of plug-ins in AAX Native and DSP format with the recent release of Syrah in AAX 64 bit Native and DSP formats. That just leaves Alchemist and tell us this will be along in May in AAX Native format.
Its great to have these tools back working with Pro Tools 11 especially as AAX DSP working on my HDX card Its also really useful as more and more content is being produced in suround, they are all support up to 8 channels and so they will work as surround plug-ins in Pro Tools in 5.1 or even 7.1.

Flux Sound & Picture Development Review - Elixir Limiter

You can check out Mike’s review of the Elixir limiter including true peak limiting and innovative staging which gives a great sounding output.
Flux Sound & Picture Development Review - Pure Analyser

We also have Mike’s review of the Pure Analyser which includes loudness analysis too.
Even though I did these reviews a little while ago, all it shows is how long I have been missing them as I was one of the first people to jump to HDX and so lost access to these (and many other) plug-ins for varying amounts of time.
Flux Sound & Picture Development - 50% Off Flux Series AAX 64 Bit plug-ins

To celebrate these releases, Flux Sound & Picture Development are offering 50% off their Flux:: series of plug-ins including the AAX DSP versions, which makes them especially attractive at the moment. For example, the Exilir v3 Limiter is down from 219 Euros to 109 Euros but only till the end of April. So check these plug-ins out and grab them whilst you can.