Trasher 10.5 For Pro Tools 10.3.5 On Windows Now Available

05-01-2013 09:27 PM

After finding an incompatibility between Trasher 10 and Pro Tools 10.3.5 this week Steven Gilliland has worked very quickly to resolve it in this new version 10.5 of Trasher.
There are some other slight additions to this version such as a fully self contained installer that places the app’s files in the right place and gives the option to install v10.5 over the top of a current v10 install.
Along with the installer is a pdf ReadMe file with installation instructions.
Remember this version is for 10.3.5 only , for any version before 10.3.5 continue to use Trasher 10 available from our Support Tools Page.
Heres the new installer for Trasher 10.5
Thanks Steven !