Excellent Customer Support From Sound Radix On Auto-Align

04-17-2014 03:00 PM

We are currently running a deal to get the Sound Radix Auto-Align plug-in for £59 which is a 33% discount on the normal price. Customer service and support is so important and so when Community member George Pinto told us about his experiences with the team at Sound Radix, we wanted to share it wider so over to you George….
I love this plug-in. Because I’m so impatient I asked for help from Sound Radix. Their Customer Service is incredible. I thought I would share the Q&A that took place during two email exchanges. In the first, I emailed Sound Radix customer support and asked a series of questions…
1. Once you auto align your tracks, is it recommended that the track be printed? Sound Radix replied…
Although you can do it, It’s not necessary. Auto-Align uses very little CPU once the alignment detection in completed.
2. How much latency does the plug in add? I’ll be on PT10 so Auto delay Comp will be on.
Auto-Align introduces a latency of 20ms, which is equivalent to 882 samples when the session is set to a sample rate of 44.1kHz and is well within the delay compensation limits of PT10.
3. Do you have a recommended guide on how to auto align the drums? in which order? If I align the snare top and bottom, can I align the overheads and then align the overheads with the snare, kick, room? any tips?.
You got it just right. In fact, this is exactly how we recommend using Auto-Align for drums alignment. Bottom to top snare first, then overheads to the top snare, then toms and hat to the overheads. The room mics can be aligned to the snare or overheads, source dependent. Another way some of our users go about it, is to send all the close mice to a bus, then use that bus as a reference to the distant mics.
4. Is an Ilok required?
No iLok is required.
5. If/when I do purchase it, can I download it?
Absolutely. Upon a purchase, you will automatically receive a redeem code from us to activate your license here.
Having purchased it and starting to use Auto-Align, I had a couple of further questions….
1. My 3rd track is a DI input. How do I align the two 2 LR tracks with the DI track?
Since the L/R guitar are already aligned, you can align the DI to any one of them. A single Auto-Align instance can simultaneously send and receive audio via its internal bus.
2. How do I align my overheads to the top snare if I already have Auto-Align on top and bottom snare?
You can use the same SEND bus of the top snare as a RECV bus for the overheads. Cheers, - Nir
I’m now using Auto-Align on every session as required. It saves so much time. My work flow is as follows:

  1. Track
  2. Clean up session
  3. Insert an instance of Auto-Align on the tracks that require it
  4. Group tracks
  5. Phase align using Auto-Align
  6. Beat align or use Elastic Audio
  7. Mix…..

George, thanks for sharing your experiences. This is how customer service and support should be, helpful advice, which led to a sale, and then more excellent advice to help the user get even more out of Auto-Align.
Its great to see the man himself, Nir Averbuch respond to George’s questions. If you would like to hear more about Nir and Sound Radix then you can find Mike’s interview with Nir here, or it will be in the Podcast Archive as well.