New Web Site For Reverb Supremo Exponential Audio

04-13-2014 10:00 PM

Our friends at Exponential Audio have been busy behind the scenes building a new web site and it is now on line. It may take a little time to ripple through the global DNS system, but if it isn’t already, then very soon it will look like this.
There is loads of new content and a new store to make it even easier to buy these excellent reverb plug-ins. If you haven’t tried thes plug-ins yet then do go over to the new site and download the demos. The team here at Pro tools Expert really rate them and we are not alone.
What Micheal Carnes, the man behind Exponential Audio, doesn’t know about reverb isn’t worth knowing. Michael was the creator of many of Lexicon’s most popular products, including the 960L, the PCM96 and the Lexicon plug-ins. Before that, he worked in the fields of medical imaging and speech recognition, among others. Before that, he worked as a musician and was awarded an advanced degree in classical composition.