One Thing You Should Hear Before You Die

04-13-2014 07:19 PM

We’ve been having a bit of a laugh on the team recently about the new trend on social media with post titles like the one above, the ‘click bait’ titles as Martin, the Ableton Live Editor, calls them.
There’s nothing new about this idea, there’s plenty of Sunday supplements and web sites that suggest 10 places to you must visit before you die, 50 things you must do, 7 cheeses you must try, the lists are endless. All of these are based on the Bucket List idea, things to do before you ‘kick the bucket.’
I was at the movies yesterday watching an amazing film, a film I’m glad I got to experience in my lifetime and it got me thinking, isn’t the aim of any artist to create just those things?
Anyone can create the safe, the mundane or the derivative, but truly inspired artists create stuff that fills people with awe and wonder - stuff they never forget and urge people to experience, to the point of insisting to others that they must see or hear it.
At least one of you reading this post is going to create something very special - something I will have to hear before I die - making the unmissable is our calling, but often we forget.