Toontrack Give Details Of Their AAX Roadmap

05-01-2013 01:08 PM

Thanks to a “Heads Up” from Håkan Fredriksson on our Facebook page it appears that Software Plugin manufacturer Toontack have declared their intentions with the AAX Plugin format via their online support forum.
Product Specialist, Rogue Marechal stated: “We will be timing our AAX releases to be following PT11’s availability as close as possible.
Technically they are more or less ready, but a supplemental PT10 update needs to be released to all Avid users before we can safely roll them out.

… if Avid and our timing work adequately i.e as planned then Toontrack AAX-s should be available on the day of PT11 reaching customers. Well, this is certainly our plan.
This is of course great news and adds another manufacturer to the list of AAX confirmations.
The thread containing this post can be found on the Toontack Support forum Here: