Avid Release v1.1.1 Critical Update For S6 Control Surfaces

04-10-2014 01:01 PM

We have been aware that Avid UK have been working with at least one S6 customer who has been having some issues with their new Avid S6 control surface.
It may be as a result, or not, but Avid have just released S6 Software version 1.1.1 for the S6 Master Module and associated workstations. They tell us that this software update delivers system improvements and critical updates for all S6 users.

Registered users will find the installers in their Avid Account > Your Products following S6 Software Activation.
S6 Software v1.1.1 includes the following improvements and fixes:

  • Workstations reconnect after Master Module reboot
  • Monitoring page has new controls for individual speaker cut, Main Monitor Source, Cues Source, Talkback and Dim levels, Foldown (not available on XMON)
  • Knob Top color and brightness has been improved for better low-light visibility
  • Knob response has been improved for better control
  • Plug-ins can now be bypassed from the Home page (using the new IN control)
  • Additional channel parameters (such as HEAT on Pro Tools and Quick Controls on Nuendo) can now be accessed from the Home screen
  • Soft Keys have been reorganized
  • Clear switch now allows channel strip reset on selected DAW’s (not available in Pro Tools)
  • EQ and DYN switches now automatically insert the default EQ/Dynamics plug-in (if already defined in Pro Tools Preferences)

For more information see the S6 Software v1.1.1 Read Me