Community Tip - Using Half Speed To Create Complex Automation In Pro Tools

03-27-2014 05:00 PM

Another community tip, this one from Michael Boettcher….
I would like to share a little Pro Tools tip with you regarding automating with a control surface like a Euphonix or Avid Artist Mix. I often have to automate vocals that vary in volume within very short time periods. In this case I play back at half speed using shift-space and record the automation with my fader. Meanwhile I can see what’s coming up in front and have enough time to react. It may seem obvious, but it took me a while to realise how easy the solution is.
Michael, hindsight is a perfect science, and it is definitely one of those face palm moments as once you see it it is obvious. The only issue we can see is that it must be more difficult to judge the mix when Pro Tools is playing at half speed because the sound is different.