Nifty Drive Show & Tell Review With Pro Tools & SanDisk Cards

03-27-2014 11:00 AM

Mike tries out the Nifty Drive Pro in his MacBook Pro to see if it would work as an audio drive with Pro Tools 11. Watch the video and see how many tracks he was able to record onto with 3 different SanDisk Micro SD cards in the Nifty Drive.
Details of the Nifty Drive Test With Pro Tools 11 & Sandisk Cards

  • The test was with brand new SanDisk Ultra, Extreme and Extreme Pro Micro SD cards.
  • New Sessions were created in Pro Tools on each card at 44.1K sample rate and 24 bit depth.
  • The cards were not reformatted fro Mac OS Extended, they were used staright out of the box.
  • The test system used…
    • MacBook Pro 15” Mid 2012 2.3GHz Intel Core i7 with 16 Gig of RAM
    • Mac OS Mountain Lion 10.8.5
    • Pro Tools 11.1.2
    • Apollo Twin Duo Interface connected by Thunderbolt
    • Nifty Drive Pro with Sandisk Ultra, Extreme and Extreme Pro cards.

The Nifty Drive Pro

The Nifty Drive is avaialble for 34.99 Euros from Nifty in silver or red for the MacBook Air, Macbook Pro Retina and MacBook Pro. Buy them here.