Top Producers And Engineers Give Free Mastering Advice

03-27-2014 08:44 AM

It is not everyday you find yourself in a room where top producers and engineers give free mastering advice. A few weeks ago we posted a feature on preparing your mix for a mastering engineer with advice from professional mastering engineer Neil Pickles, many found that helpful.
Our friends over at posted the article on their Pro Tools support forum and got some excellent advice from their team of moderators, who also happen to be top engineers and producers.
Some of the people who posted their own mix tips and tricks include:

  • Gary Lux, renowned recording engineer and surround sound mixer
  • Frank Wolf, producer, engineer and scoring recordist
  • Steve Hall of FutureDisk Mastering, renowned mastering engineer
  • Mick Guzauski, Winner of over 7 Grammy Awards with over 27 #1 hits on the charts
  • Paul Grundman, producer, engineer and mastering

Mastering Advice From Those Making The Hits

“When we sent the Daft Punk “Random Access Memories” final mixes to Bob Ludwig, we sent the recordings with no limiting on the mix so that we could benefit from his impeccable ear and artistry.” Mick Guzauski
“Never assume that you can fix it in mastering! Steve Hall
“All things considered, the art of mastering is just that. There are some terrific guys out there.” Gary Lux
Head over and join the Pro Tools support forum and check out some of the other excellent advice, tips and tricks.
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