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    Post Propellerhead release Reason 7

    Propellerhead release Reason 7

    04-30-2013 12:04 PM

    Parallel processing, MIDI Out and more flexible EQ
    Swedish music software developers Propellerhead, have upgraded the mixer, rack and sequencer in the latest version of their DAW, Reason 7.*

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    For those of you, like roon, who think that reason is a pattern based sequencer...

    And those of you who think it always sounds like reason... It doesn't!

    At least, it doesn't have to. Not any more.

    This was made with reason, apparently. As you can hear; there's live vocals and bass and drums and guitars and no bleepy arpeggios or filter sweep effects; No factory soundbank sounds.

    Version 7. Which is why I'm writing this. Has finally addressed the MIDI out problem and now this product is back on my want list.

    comme ša:

    Translation: Connect the wires and control your hardware synth with all the reason goodies!

    I am also intrigued by this piano; despite the unbelievably pretentious video.

    Listen to this: It sounds as if it should it smell of wood and rats droppings; just like my worm-ridden upright.

    This is not a pattern based sequencer with an instantly recognisable sound. Not any more.

    I just need a decent laptop to be able to use it!


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