Peavey Revalver 4 AAX Plug-in For Pro Tools - Video

03-24-2014 05:52 PM

Peavey have released a new video of their updated guitar amp and effects plug-in ReValver 4, the new version now also offers AAX 64 bit compatibility with Pro Tools 11. It also allows the user to host VST and Audio Units plug-ins within Pro Tools.
ReValver is a guitar amp and effects plug-in that allows the user to geek out.
Peavey Revalver 4 Highlights include

  • Peavey’s ReValver 4 also features ACT (Audio Cloning Technology) modules that allow the user to mold and shape the guitar sound at both the input (before amp modeling) and output (after modeling). At the input, ACT turns ReValver into an instrument modeler by altering the incoming guitar signal to mimic the sound and characteristics of other instruments, such as acoustics, folk instruments, and even other electric guitar and pickup combinations. At the output, ACT allows the user to load presets that sculpt the signal to fit in a recording mix or mimic the sonic characteristics of famous guitar rigs.
  • With improved Impulse Responses, ReValver 4’s RIR 2 feature takes cabinet modeling to a whole new level of accuracy and realism by giving the user independent control of speaker configuration, microphone, and mic placement, allowing for almost endless tone shaping options. Plus, the new Pedal Board feature provides a familiar environment to build and edit an effects chain.
  • With ReValver 4 also comes the introduction of the ReValver Amp Store, allowing users to purchase new amps, stompboxes, effects, and ACT content through in-app purchases. Users can begin with the free version of ReValver 4, and then simply purchase the additional content they desire.
  • ReValver 4 supports the powerful new AAX plug-in format for Pro Tools®, and can now host both VST and AU plug-ins even in a Pro Tools environment. As always, the software can also be used as a stand-alone virtual amplifier.

Check out the Peavey Revalver 4 exclusive video preview here