Community Tip - Using Consolidate & Strip Silence To Rename Clips

03-23-2014 01:00 PM

Jason Conanan got in touch with an interesting tip….
This is a simple renaming trick i use for clips especially when working on audio files from recorders. To quickly rename all of the clips in a track (like most of the time when you work with clips from different takes in a scene)

  1. Rename the track to what you want all the clips to be called by (eg. rename the track to DX 1)
  2. Consolidate the clip - This will produce one clip using the track name.
  3. Use Strip Silence so that all the clips have the name on the track at the start of the clip
Mike says, This is an interesting solution for a raft of back naming or to handle odd file names coming in from the video edit via an OMF or AFF. However in doing this be aware that you will loose the original meta data and time stamps from the original files, so I would duplicate the track and de-active the copy, or use a duplicate playlist, so you still have access to the original files.