Community Member Of The Month Award - February Winner

03-22-2014 01:14 PM

The winner of our Community Member Of The Month Award sponsored by Sonnox for February 2014 is John Mackniskas.
He shared with us his custom built studio sound panels and gobos using IKEA book cases. On hearing the news he wrote…
Thank you! I am so shocked to hear I won the Sonnox Community Award. That is incredible. You guys are so cool. I was pleased to share with our community what my MENTOR shared with me about the Ikea Bookshelves. Again thank you 1000 times over and so If I were to choose from the Sonnox Elite Bundle I would almost assuredly go with the Oxford Reverb. I do remember how much your team was raving about it.
You can hear how Omar Hakim uses the Sonnox Reverb plug-in in this video from our friends at Sonnox and he will have some news regarding Omar Hakim very soon.
You can win an awesome Sonnox plug-in by making regular or notable contributions to the Pro Tools community.