Skillet - A New Hardware Surround Panner Controller

03-19-2014 02:15 PM

In Podcast 108 we were discussing different types of control surface like the Hotkey Matrix from DNA Music Labs or the Softube Console 1. Hot of the press Skillet is a brand new hardware Surround Panner Controller that continues the concept of small dedicated controller, this one aimed at surround applications including Dolby Atmos.
Skillet Features

Skillet is a dual 3-axis joystick controller intended for sound editors, designers, and mixers in need of customizable control of a range of plug-ins in Pro Tools. Each made-to-order Skillet boasts an array of features, including:

  • Dual 3-axis touch sensitive joysticks for surround panning or plug-in control
  • Dual 100mm touch sensitive motorized faders
  • 2.8″ touch screen featuring transport controls, user settings, and specialized displays
  • Generic MIDI mode – for controlling software synthesizers capable of MIDI Learn
  • True class compliant USB-MIDI device: no need for extra driver installation

Skillet Availability and Pricing

Skillet is available to order now in the USA and Canada in two models:

  • Skillet Stealth, with a sleek matte black finish for $2349.99 USD
  • Skillet Bamboo, with a genuine wood finish for $2449.99 USD.

Skillet FAQ

Skillet works with any automatable plug-in. If it’s got automation lanes, you can control it with Skillet.
Due to the way Avid has implemented plug-in control, this is not possible at this time to control more than one plug-in simultaneously. However, Skillet can control eight (if you include the two faders) parameters of a single plug-in at a time.