Source-Connect Now Beta Phase 3 Starts Tomorrow - 20th March

03-19-2014 10:07 AM

Our friends at Source Elements are almost ready. The Source-Connect Beta phase 3 starts tomorrow, meaning anyone can sign up for a free beta account. If you’ve already registered your interest, they will be sending out Sign-Up notifications by tomorrow morning. The video above was done in the very early stages of testing, the interface and how to invite guests has all been refined.
If you want to record high quality audio using just a browser then check this out. Its great for remote interviews as the interviewee just needs a browser, no specialised software, accounts or hardware.
Source-Connect Now Features

  • Integration with Pro Tools HD/Native. With the Source-Nexus AAX plug-in, record directly to your timeline without requiring additional hardware or cables.
  • Technical support via Chat/Phone/Email/Source-Connect. Please see their Contact page for assistance with any questions. Source-Connect Now includes chat messaging with Support.
  • Opus codec - Set at 128kbps for professional high-quality audio.
  • ISDN-like workflow - Low-latency bi-directional audio.
  • Chat and real-time status updates - Chat with your guests and monitor network status.
  • BETA: Conference up to 10 connections - Only limited by your bandwidth.
  • For music and voice - Send high-quality mono, dual mono or stereo.
    • Mono: Voiceover, radio, podcasts, interviews and more
    • Dual mono: Two discrete microphones or timecode
    • Stereo: High-quality music monitoring and review

  • Easy-to-make Connections
  • Self-configuring, easy-to-make connections
  • No port-forwarding required, works on most networks automatically.

Source-Connect Now Requirements

  • Strong internet connection - Broadband internet or an excellent 4G mobile signal if tethering.
  • Mac OSX (10.6 or higher), Windows, Linux or ChromeOS - Compatible with any OS that supports Chrome Browser.
  • Audio device - A stereo or multi-mono CoreAudio, ASIO or Linux audio device set to 48000hz sample-rate.
  • Chrome Browser version 32 or higher - All Chrome Browsers with Automatic Updates enabled are compatible.