Source Nexus Basic Offer Ends Midnight - Today $95 Tomorrow $125

03-18-2014 05:37 PM

We have talked about Source-Nexus Basic before and today is the last day you can get it for $95. From tomorrow it will be at its permanent price of $125.
Check Out Our Source-Nexus Basic Show & Tell Video

Russ did a great video showing how you can use Source Nexus. Mike uses it with his beloved RX3 Advanced on his HDX rig so that he can hear what he is doing in RX3 through his Pro Tools HDX interface rather than the Mac audio output.
No More Cables With Source-Nexus Basic

Its great there are no more cables to set up now. Source-Nexus Basic is an AAX plug-in for Mac OSX from our friends at Source Elements and Source-Nexus Basic supports 2-channel audio application routing directly with Pro Tools 10 and 11.
You can use it to record remote voiceovers from Source-Connect, Chrome, Skype or Source-Connect Now directly in Final Cut or Media Composer, playback iTunes to Pro Tools, even patch Pro Tools to and from Nuendo or any other DAW are just some ways you can use Source-Nexus Basic.
Last Day For Source-Nexus Basic at $99

Remember today is the last day it is available at $99. Tomorrow it will be at its regular price of $125.