RecallTone - A Plug-in That Stores Images, Video & Notes With A Session

03-18-2014 11:51 AM

RecallTone is an interesting new tool that is another one of those moments that we discussed in Podcast 108 where someone sees the need fro a tool and creatures it.
It provides a convenient storage and handling of pictures, movie & MIDI data of the hardware equipment’s settings, along the saving of text notes and various useful automation scripts.
RecallTone enables you to load (drag and drop supported) files of gear’s pictures and movies into the plug-in’s UI. These are then saved by the DAW host, within the DAW session. This is extremely useful for saving settings of rack gears, but also microphones positions, guitar amplifiers settings, etc. Once saved, you can see these in full screen for manual recall.
RecallTone is also able to store and send out MIDI program changes, and recordable SysEx messages, providing recall of MIDI equipments.
RecallTone also has a powerful script section, which can launch external applications on instantiation or de-instantiation of the plug-in. This can be used for example when syncing Rewire applications or virtual samplers applications to the DAW session, opening lyrics text file, etc. Upon de-instantiation (i.e. when session is closed), external 3rd party automation applications or scripts can be started for various tasks, like mp3 processing, FTP upload, etc.
There is also a notes section for storing comments, lyrics, chords or any text data.
The price is just 49 Euros.