Pro Tools Expert Podcast Episode 108

03-18-2014 10:37 AM

Russ, Mike, Neil & James bring you a huge extra long show with 50% extra free of charge of talking points, tips, tricks and questions answered.


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Talking Points

Community Feedback Kindly Sponsored by RSPE Audio Solution

  • John Mackniskas - Sonnox Community Award winner - Thank you
  • Owen Swanson-Low - tip to listen to our podcasts at faster than real time.
  • Tony Molica - Two nations divided by a common language.

Questions - Kindly Sponsored by Alchemea

  • How can I get a Roland HD3 v-drums e-kit to work with Pro Tools with VIs?
  • Is it possible to use the same iLok on two PCs?
  • Why does Strike 2 crash Pro Tools 10 when I move the instrument channel fader on my Axiom 49?
  • How can I best provide a video producer a 48k mix from my 44.1/24 session?
  • How can I migrate all my info, files etc from my old iMac onto a new system?

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