The Future Of Surround Sound?

03-18-2014 08:24 AM

Auro 3D inventor Wilfried Van Baelen takes us on a tour of Galaxy Studios and explains the advantages of his new immersive surround sound format. Although it is coming from the designer and shows the studio complex he built, he covers some very interesting issues regarding immersive sound and what works and doesn’t work.
Auro 3D is obviously pitching up against Dolby Atmos, but there is discussion as to what the sound format should be to go with 4K video and the 9.1 format is getting some interest. Its a neat solution because it is the conventional 5.1 format, with a quad system higher up for the height information.
There is a debate as to whether this format is only for big studios and big films or whether it can be scaled down to the small screen or even the mobile platform. What do you think? Where is 3D sound going? Do you think that 9.1 will take off?
What about encoded headphone based delivery? I tried the DTS system when I was at NAB last year and took my headphones off because I thought they had left the speakers on, which they hadn’t so with that short demo I was fooled with audio coming from behind listening to just a pair of headphones.