Slate Raven Soon To Be Offering Pro Tools Custom Shortcuts

03-12-2014 04:14 PM

Hot off the lips of Mr Slate himself and seen with our very eyes, Slate Raven will soon include a feature to create custom shortcuts and buttons for often used and complex actions.
New Slate Raven Software In Detail

For example the new software allows the user to create a single button that can chop all the audio on all drum tracks to transients, align it to the grid and then apply Beat Detective Edit smoothing. Or the user could have a shortcut to create a submix to a buss.
Seeing it in action it is impressive and further extends the feature set of the Slate Raven software.
It’s a shame this is limited to the Slate Raven and that Avid don’t currently offer this kind of ‘macro’ customisation without Pro Tools as a native feature.
Price And Shipping Date

Price and shipping date to be confirmed.