Flux Release Another Plug-in - Pure Analyser - Now 64bit, AAX Native & DSP

04-29-2013 09:44 AM

Flux: Sound & Picture Development have now released the “Sample Grabber” plug-in for the Pure Analyser in both AAX Native & DSP in both 32 bit and 64 bit ready for Pro Tools 11. They have also made the standalone application 64 bit compliant too. This is what they say…
Today we release the Pure Analyzer System sp3, introducing AAX and 64-bit compatibility. The stand alone Pure Analyzer application is now 64-bit compatible on both MAC OS X and Windows, and the SampleGrabber plug-in now supports AU/VST 32/64-bit, AAX Native (32-bit only) as well as AAX DSP 64-bit (requires Pro Tools 11).

During the release period we offer an introduction special of the Pure Analyzer Essential and the Pure Analyzer add-on options with 30% Off from the MSRP. This offer can not be combined with any other discounts or offers, Last day of availability June 1st)
This follows the release of the FREE BitterSweet v3 Transient Designer, and the Elixir v3 True Peak Limiter, and now when we have the framework ready, we are aiming at having all our software ported and available very soon.

The v3 framework improves the performance dramatically (measured 500-1000 percent improvement for Elixir depending on host environment!) and for the graphic rendering the v3 framework includes our GPU-efficient 2D/3D graphic engine, first introduced in the Pure Analyzer System, based on the OpenGL standard optimizing the audio-to-visual experience utilizing the GPU on the computer’s built in graphics card.
More info on Pure Analyser….
Pure Analyzer System – The Next Generation RTA (Real Time Analyzer) System (special offer 189 Euros - normally 279 Euros
The Flux:: Pure Analyzer System is a network-driven modular RTA-system providing an extensive range of analyzer options for any imaginable audio analysis and measurement applications.
For maximum flexibility and efficiency, Pure Analyzer presents the option to separate the signal acquisition from the analysis utilizing a Sample grabber plug-in, and in addition to the Sample grabber plug-in, Pure Analyzer also provide I/O support for ASIO and Core Audio.
Sample Grabber
Sample grabber is a standard DAW plug-in available in all common formats (VST, AU, RTAS and TDM) that acquires the source and response signals and sends the signal through the network using the ZeroConf/Apple Bonjour protocol. You can insert as many instances of Sample grabber plug-ins as required, on the same DAW, different DAWs, and even different computers altogether, and the Sample grabber also support surround configurations. The network configuration setup for the Pure Analyzer System is entirely automatic and transparent to the user. The audio transport requires approximately 1.4Mbps for each channel at a sample rate of 44.1kHz, so a properly configured standard Ethernet 100Mbps network should be more than sufficient to handle most cases. A 5.1 configuration at 96kHz demands a little less than 20Mbps. Naturally these requirements do not apply when using both Sample grabber and analyzer on the same hardware.
Pure Analyzer Essential
The foundation of the Pure Analyzer System is a standalone application, Pure Analyzer Essential, which can be extended with modules for Live, Metering/Loudness and Surround analysis, performing the graphic analysis rendering using a GPU-efficient 2D/3D graphic engine. The engine is based on the OpenGL standard optimizing the audio-to-visual experience utilizing the GPU on the built in graphics card. The Pure Analyzer Essential application receives the sample feeds from the Sample grabber and analyzes them in real time. The Pure Analyzer provides the option to receive data from several different Sample grabber plug-ins on the network, and analyze the received data in parallel by selecting the actual corresponding Sample grabber to be the current source for the analysis with a simple button click. In addition to this, the input streams from the physical ASIO/Core Audio I/O can also be selected as the current source for the analysis in the same simplistic fashion.
Add-on Modules (99 Euros each - normally 149 Euros)
As a complement to the Pure Analyzer Essential, three different add-on modules, all providing specific tools for their actual field of usage, are currently available. In order to use any of the add-on modules, the Pure Analyzer Essential is required. Available add-on modules are:

  • Pure Analyzer Metering
  • Pure Analyzer Live
  • Pure Analyzer Multichannel

The metering module includes loudness metering which is ITU-R BS.1770 / EBU R128 Compliant, which with the special offer makes the Pure analyser a cost effective loudness metering solution. There is a demo version available to you can try it out.