Arturia Have A Busy MusikMesse 2014 Announcing 3 New Products

03-12-2014 08:48 AM

Arturia Extends Keyboard Controller Range With 88-key KeyLab 88

KeyLab 88 takes its place at the top of Arturia’s range of professional-grade MIDI keyboard controllers with a high-quality hammer-action Fatar keybed boasting 88 keys. KeyLab 88 comes complete with Analog Lab — Arturia’s software synthesizer solution for Mac and PC with over 5,000 TAE® (True Analog Emulation) synthesis-powered professionally-programmed presets — to create a performance powerhouse par excellence.
KeyLab 88’s removable laptop/lead synth stand features a rubber base to prevent slippage during performances, so no more laptops or iPads precariously balanced on a keyboard the KeyLab 88 has a home for them.
KeyLab 88 has a good selection of knobs and sliders, 16 backlit pressure-sensitive pads, plus an LED screen all of which will aid speedy software navigation making it an ideal performance-orientated keyboard without the inconvenience of having to always reach for a mouse or trackpad.
Arturia expect to have the Keylab 88 available for purchase towards the end of August 2014, with a price that is yet to be confirmed.
Arturia Announces “Alluring MiniBrute SE Silver Dream Machine”

The MiniBrute SE is a special edition of their popular MiniBrute Analog Synth. MiniBrute SE shares the same physical footprint as the original MiniBrute, but builds upon this amazingly compact and bijou analogue monosynth in both looks and features.
An all-new step SEQUENCER expands playing options with the MiniBrute SE — six Pattern sequences with up to 64 steps each to create multiple musical phrases, to be precise. Yet it is capable of so much more than simply replaying pre-programmed Pattern sequences ad infinitum. Users can create new musical phrases from existing ones by changing the playback Mode, Gate Len (timing), and Swing settings in realtime from the clearly labelled front panel.
A pure analogue signal path and features like a multi-wave OSCILLATOR and Sub Osc combined with a Steiner-Parker multimode FILTER (fittingly revised by Nyle Steiner himself). Add features like Ultrasaw (generating shimmering sawtooth waveforms), Metalizer (adding extreme triangle waveform-induced harmonics), LFO (with sample and hold), and full USB/MIDI/CV connectivity into the musical mix.
MiniBrute SE will be available to purchase at the end of May from the Arturia online store or any authorised dealer for €549.00 EUR/$599.00 USD.
Arturia Announces Software Emulation Of The Continental 300 Organ

VOX Continental-V is the latest addition to Arturia’s acclaimed Analog Classics lineup where it sits alongside an authentic recreation of another archetypal Sixties staple, Wurlitzer-V (based on the classic ‘Wurly’ electric piano).As a high-end software recreation of the Sixties-vintage Vox Continental 300 transistor-based combo organ was introduced in 1962. ‘Connie’ as affectionately it became known — was originally designed to address the needs of touring musicians, but became musically much-loved in its own right. As such, it prominently featured on many hit records of the time, including The Animals’ classic ‘House Of The Rising Sun’ in 1964 and, a little later, ‘Light My Fire’ by The Doors. Onstage, The Beatles performed a memorably frenzied version of ‘Help!’ B-side ‘I’m Down’ during their August 1965 performance at New York’s Shea Stadium with John Lennon playing a Vox Continental using his elbows at times!
Arturia tracked down, not only a Connie but also a rare Jennings J70, so the the Continental V you get two rare organs in one package. The end result is a dual-manual Vox Continental 300 emulation. Notable VOX Continental-V features include upper manual, lower manual, and bass pedal sections; multiple output effects processors; and independent channels per manual. Moreover, Expanded Mode adds a full compliment of drawbars for each harmonic; a new waveform drawbar on each section; several popular effects; LeslieTM and guitar amp simulator outputs; and an expanded percussion section. Similarly, Services Mode allows for individual tuning of each pitch — just like an original Vox; alterable key contact timing (to simulate older key contacts); and authentic background noise bleed control.
VOX Continental-V will be available for purchase and direct download from the Arturia online store in late-April for €119.00 EUR/$129.00 USD.