Pro Tools Prefs - A Useful Mac Application for Archiving Preferences

03-11-2014 08:51 AM

In putting together the article on how to do a clean install for Macs, following Neil’s article for Windows 7 & 8 users. I was reminded that there was a new Pro Tools Prefs helper application. Peter Gates from Free Range Audio here in the UK has taken up the baton left by Jean Charles Deshaies and produced PT Prefs. The latest version now includes the feature we had in Jean Charles’ version which enables you to back up and restore preferred settings.
Pro Tools Prefs Helper v1.2 New Features

  • Update V1.2 can now backup and restore. It creates a mirror folder structure in PT Prefs folder in Documents. This makes it easy for users to zip this folder structure to keep multiple backups.
  • Separated Version 11 onwards prefs/AAE from pre Version 11. Handy for co-installs.
  • Confirmation for trashing/restoring items
  • Added another file to AAE prefs trash/backup/restore
  • Added the com.avid.plist file
  • Added nice little icon!

You can see that this covers all the different location for both Pro Tools 10 & 11 for Preferences related files and includes the Apple AudioMIDIsetup and MIDI files.
But unlike Trasher 11 for Windows users, Pro Tools Prefs doesn’t include files and folders like the Plug-ins and Plug-ins Settings folders that I referred to in my Clean Install For Mac article so you will still need to do those manually.
Download Pete Gates’ Pro Tools Prefs here.
Any problems/queries/suggestions, do let us know here or on the special thread on the DUC.