Audient Announce The ASP880 - 8 Channel Microphone Pre & ADC

03-10-2014 09:40 PM

Our friends at Audient have announced the new Audient ASP880 a 8 channel microphone pre and ADC. As an Avid Omni user it’s quiet an exciting proposition offering me 8 balanced inputs, all with inserts and lots more beside. If there’s anything that the Avid Omni lacks it is a sensible amount of inputs and inserts - the ASP offers;
Audient ASP880 Features

  • 8 Audient Console Mic Pres
  • All new, Burr Brown AD converter technology
  • Variable Input Impedance
  • Variable High Pass Filters
  • 8 Insert points between the mic pre amps and AD converters
  • 2 Channels of Class-A Discrete JFET D.I instrument inputs
  • Digital Outputs - ADAT, AES & S/PDIF
  • Price TBA

Audient ASP880 Review

We plan to have a Pro Tools Expert review shortly and let you know what we think of this exciting new product from Audient.
Audient ASP880 Information

For more information on the new Audient ASP880 visit the Audient web site.
Source: Audient