Community Tip - More Navigation Shortcuts

03-09-2014 01:00 PM

Julian Rodgers gave us a great article on Session Navigation as part of our Pro Tools Fundamentals series. In response community member Justin Newton has been in touch to share some of his navigation tips in Pro Tools.
In the past few years I’ve gotten into much more post editing work and as I play through dialog listening for edits, I find the fastest way to scroll along, then zoom in to edit, zoom back out and scroll along is with the scroll modifiers.
Shift + [scroll wheel or trackpad] = horizontal scroll in the timeline.
Option/Alt + [scroll wheel or trackpad] = zoom scroll
Of course, scrolling with no modifier scrolls through tracks in the edit window, so with all this I’m navigating through timeline and zoom with one hand on the scroll wheel (or trackpad) and the other in the spot it always is at the keyboard! This is the way to go for fast timeline scrolling and zooming that’s doesn’t get you lost.
And while I’m on modifier keys, I’ll give you a two for one. This one, the interns never seem to know, even the one’s who’ve already finished the Pro Tools course (and consequently, think they know everything)
Hold Control [Windows key for windows machines] when assigning a track’s output to assign multiple outputs.
I use this all the time for things like parallel processing, or recording stems or mixdowns to tracks within the session. (I don’t like to use the bounce feature since if something goes wrong I have to start all over, especially in long post sessions)
This also works at the same time as option/alt to do the action to all tracks, and shift+ option/alt to do the action to selected tracks.
Mike says - With regard to scrolling, I cannot do without a mouse that has horizontal scrolling built in like the Apple mouse or I am now using a Logitech M510 cordless mouse which has horizontal scrolling as an option by pushing the scroll wheel left or right. I agree that the mutliple outputs one is great.