10 Plug-ins & Tools I Reach For In Post Production Work

03-05-2014 11:00 AM

I don’t know if it is just me but most of the plug-ins I go for in a post workflow are for corrective work rather than for creative use and this is reflected in my list.
10 Plug-ins & Tools I Reach For In Post Production Work - iZotope RX3 Advanced

RX2 and now RX3 are tools I go to every day to resolve problems with audio. If you haven’t looked at RX3 Adavnced yet then I do commend it very highly. I have been able to save the lives, projects and money of many of my clients with this suite of tools. The new modules in Advanced like De-reverb and especially the Dialog De-noiser are quick and easy to use and work really well too. If you do have RX3 or RX3 Advanced and you aren’t sure if you are getting the most out of it then my video tutorial series from Groove 3 - RX3 Explained is 4.5 hours of video tutorials looking at each part of RX3 and RX3 Advanced.
10 Plug-ins & Tools I Reach For In Post Production Work - Exponential Audio Phoenixverb and R2 Reverbs

Ever since I cam across these they have become my firm favourites. I thought I would prefer the more neutral sounding Phoenixverb but in practice I find myself using R2 more. Check my video above, from a while back, where I demonstarte these gresat reverb plug-ins. Exponential have recently changed the GUI on both reverbs and if you work in surround then there are surrond versions of them both too.
10 Plug-ins & Tools I Reach For In Post Production Work - Avid EQ III

Yes I know there are loads of EQ plug-ins including the Maag EQ4 but for me the Avid EQ III is a very versatile tool that has all the options I need especially for corrective work which is what I end up doing mostly with EQ. Again it is quick and easy to use to get the results I need.
10 Plug-ins & Tools I Reach For In Post Production Work - Avid Pro Compressor

The more I use the Pro Series plug-ins the more I like them. Again it is a combination of the GUI and the sound that means for dynamics work the Avid Pro Compressor and is a plug-in I turn to more and more.
10 Plug-ins & Tools I Reach For In Post Production Work - Avid Pro Limiter

I have used a number of limiters but as with the Avid Pro Compressor I find I am turning to the Pro Limiter more and more. The loudness meter in it doesn’t do it for me but as a trusty limiter that sounds good and is easy to use the Avid Pro Limiter works for me.
10 Plug-ins & Tools I Reach For In Post Production Work - Nugen Audio Vis LM

As with many other genres of plug-ins I have tried all the different loudness meters and as we approach October 2014 here in the UK, when R128 will become the standard to deliver programmes to all the UK broadcasters. With the CALM Act in the US, imposing ATSC A/85 for a while now, and Europe implementing R128, a good loudness meter is a key tool in my toolset. With research and development of a loudness standard for film, gaming and radio now being undertaken, this is really going to be a key area. The people creating the standards wisely chose not to specify how the meter should work, only to set what parameters needed to be monitored so there are plenty of different loudness meters to choose from, but for me it is the Nugen Audio Vis-LM all the way.
10 Plug-ins & Tools I Reach For In Post Production Work - Sounds In Sync EdiLoad v3

When I demonstrated this at the IPS Post Production Training Weekend recently, I could see jaws hitting the floor as Sounds In Sync have introduced re-conforming into EdiLoad with v3. Why is re-conforming such an issue? In post production audio for film and TV we are tied to the picture edit, and so if that changes then so does our audio edit, and in the middle, or worse still towards the end of a project, when the picture edit changes you can be faced with a lot of moving segments around the session by hand, and things can easily go astray. The re-conforming mode in EdiLoad v3 can compare the video EDL from before and after the changes and then move all your content around your Pro Tools session automatically so all you have to do is go in and polish up the joins and fill in any holes left by the changes.
10 Plug-ins & Tools I Reach For In Post Production Work - Synchro Arts Revoice Pro

iZotope RX can do a lot to save having to record dialog in a post workflow, but there are times when there is no choice and Revoice Pro can mean that if you can end up with a choice between a line with real passion and feel but that isn’t that in sync, versus a line that is in sync but sounds pretty flat, with Revoice Pro you can easily fix the good version and get it in sync. Add to that the feature that enables you to change intonation, so that when a VO has been re-cut after the VO has goen home, you end up with a rising inflection. With Revoice Pro you can record your own guide with the desired inflections and impose that on the VO track. As with so many of these tools Revoice Pro is another life saver.
10 Plug-ins & Tools I Reach For In Post Production Work - Penteo 4 Pro Surround

With more and more content being delivered in surround but with so much legacy content including music and sound effects in stereo a good transparent upmixing plug-in is becoming a key part of my toolbox. As you may have seen elsewhere, this has become my preferred upmix plug-in because of both the great sounding upmix and the brilliant downmix compatibility and now I have it back as they have released an AAX 64 bit version.
10 Plug-ins & Tools I Reach For In Post Production Work - Gobbler

Although not a plug-in, Gobbler has also become a key part of my workflow in two main areas. Firstly I use it for my off site backup. This was another tool that resonated with people at the IPS Post Production Training Weekend. With more and more people working at home we no longer have access to fully maintained servers with automatic tape backups and so on. So although most people backup their work onto another drive, the problem is they are in the same physical location and following the recent flooding here in the UK, it has brought the whole issue of off site backups front & centre. Gobbler has one unique selling point in that it reads the actual Pro Tools session and so can back up all the media uses in the session whether it is i the session folder or not. The other thing I use Gobbler for is to deliver approval copies. We are often working on commercially sensitive projects like unreleased films and so the security of the content is important. With Gobbler the delivery of audio can be much more secure than other file sharing services like Dropbox.
So there are my 10 plug-ins and tools, which ones of these do you use. If you others that work for you then do add them to the comments section.