ADL Penteo 4 Pro Surround Upmixing Plug-in 399 - 33% Discount

03-04-2014 05:15 PM

Audiotech Digital Ltd has announced today the release of the new Penteo 4 Pro plug-in that discretely converts stereo to 5.1, offering exacting control over sound image placement to create high-quality, sonic-free and natural-sounding surround.
Check out Mike’s detailed Show & Tell Video Review and find out why he likes this so much and Penteo 4 Pro Surround is his ‘go to’ upmxing plug-in and why he has awarded it Editors Choice. We aso can announce that we are offering this plug-in on our Deals page at 33% dicount for £399. Go and snap it up whilst you have the chance.

Penteo 4 Pro is 100-percent ITU down-mix compatible to the original stereo. The plug-in features an intuitive visual interface modeled after vintage gear, and offers six automated preset modes as well as advanced manual controls for fine- tuning.
Native AAX64 Support For Pro Tools 11
Penteo 4 Pro now natively supports Avid Audio eXtension (AAX) for true 64 bit processing. As a result, Penteo 4 Pro AAX64 uses 52% less CPU processing power thereby allowing a sound designer more flexibility to simultaneously use more tracks in a mix than ever before.

New Features

  • Touch Screen Controls – In addition to mouse operated controls, Penteo 4 Pro is the first up-mixer to support multi-touch controls. Mixing is not a linear, sequential process — Penteo’s unique multi-touch interface allows a sound designer to control more than one Penteo feature at once, thereby creating a natural mixing experience through simple hand contact. Penteo 4 Pro is the world’s first multi-touch plug-in designed for use with the Raven MTX Surround console.
  • Pro Tools Automation Keyboard Shortcuts for all parameters - Quickly add and select parameters for automation using standard control/alt/cmd shortcuts.
  • Usage Preferences – With choice of circular or vertical knob drag usage options, a sound designer can select the most natural feeling knob movement for mouse or multi-touch.
  • New bypass channel routing - Stereo bypass channels now routes to the ProTools channel output standard.