Catchin' SYNC Show & Tell Review With High Speed Frame Rate Recording

03-03-2014 10:44 PM

Catchin’ Sync is an iOS app that will work on iPhone or iPads allowing you to capture and determine any sync errors in your playback system. These usually occur when video and audio go throughout separate devices like the Audio passing through a receiver or more commonly the video through and LCD screen or worse still a Projector etc.
Catchin’ Sync has been around for over a year now and has been steadily improving. The latest version - 1.0.7 has really brought Catchin’ Sync into the frame, because it now uses the high frame speed video recording that Apple introduces in the iPhone 5 and 5s. This has to be a ‘must have’ for anyone who works with video with a DAW like Pro Tools, which is why we have awarded it The Editors Choice Award.
You can use a range of iOS devices and there are a range of compensation settings for the older Apple devices on the Catchin’ Sync web site. But with the high frame rate and that there is no need to add an offset the iPhone 5 and especially the 5S are the best devices to use with Catchin’ Sync. People have asked if there will be an Android version of Catchin’ Sync but unfortunately not, we understand they won’t because there are so many hardware variations between Android devices. With Apple there are only a handful of devices to measure the delays from the cameras, but to provide the same service with Android, they’d have to test every device and calculate the offsets.