Sonnet Thunderbolt Chassis Now Qualified By Avid For Pro Tools HD

02-26-2014 07:44 AM

Look at what we found out about at BVE in London. Avid have qualified Sonnet’s Thunderbolt 2 expansion chassis range for use with Pro Tools HD Native and most importantly Pro Tools HDX. We will bring you more details as we get them but we saw both the rack mount version on the HHB stand and the desktop version on the Holdan stand who are UK distributors for Sonnet.
Sonnet claim they are whisper quiet, which was hard to verify scientifically on a noisy trade show floor but Mike had to put his ear very close to the desktop version to hear anything at all and was very impressed with what he didn’t hear! They use big slow spinning fans and have plenty of natural ventilation all of which will help to make sure they are as quiet as possible.
Our friends at HHB are very impressed too, they feel this is the solution that we have been looking for. We are arranging to get a chassis for review as soon as we can arrange it so we can check it out in much more controlled conditions.
The Echo Express II will take 2 cards and is good for an HD Native system and other half length cards, and the Echo Express III can take up to 3 full length cards and is good for 3 HDX cards which would be a monster system. The rack mount Echo Express III also has two 5.25” bays that can put a range of options into including fitting 4 SSD drives into one bay and with the price of SSD drives dropping this again makes for a very powerful and versatile unit to use with all the contemporary Mac computers.