Community Tip - Multiple Clipboarding

02-15-2014 09:00 AM

Mike Aiton who will joining us at BVE in London on Febuary 25th for a Panel Session on the Avid stand has sent in a really useful tip….
This is an old trick showed to me by Nigel Edwards at The Farm back in the days of PT5 when we were still being weaned off our AMS Audiofiles. It’s called multiple clipboarding.
When you are at a certain location, and you suddenly want to re-use a clip (region - for old timers) that you have used previously in the timeline. you need to whiz off back down the timeline to collect that region. but how to get back to where you wanted it to go to? Instead of using markers to quickly locate to a section in the timeline use the clipboard - which can hold multiple sorts of objects.

  1. Hit “*” on the number keypad (to ether the counter), then “Command C” to copy the current time to the clipboard then Enter.
  2. Then whizz down the time line to find your clip (making sure Automation follows Edit is selected of course)
  3. Highlight your clip
  4. Hit “C” to copy to clipboard - which rather cleverly simultaneously can hold timecode (which is TEXT) as well as your clip (which is an audio object)
  5. Hit “* ” on the number keypad (to ether the counter), then “Command V” to paste the current time in the clipboard to the counter. Then hit “Enter” to go there
  6. Then hit ”V” to paste the clipboard contents (the audio object) to the timeline.

Mike Thornton says - There are couple of things you need to be aware of when using this trick…

  1. Make sure you are in Keyboard Focus mode so the one button shortcuts work. To do this, check that the A/Z button is highlighted in the top right hand corner of the tracks section of the Edit window.
  2. Make sure you use Command C & V and the single shortcuts C & V exactly as explained in Mike’s instructions.
  3. Your main counter must be in Samples or Timecode for this to work, if you are in Bars & Beats, Mins & Secs or Feet and Frames for some reason the copy and pasting of the main counter data doesn’t work.