Crucial SSD Prices Drop And Make Them More Affordable Than Ever

02-14-2014 10:25 PM

SSD has never been a cheap option for drive storage, but Crucial drives have dropped further and closer to being in the hands of more and more people.
SSD drives are used by many of the Pro Tools Expert team for boot drives, they offer fast start-up times and fast load of applications. The jury is still out in terms of using SSD drives for media for two reasons, first the cost per byte ration compared to traditional hard drives and secondly the lengevity of SSDs for constant read/write type operations is still unclear.
Despite those misgivings, if you are on the fence about jumping on the SSD train then now may be a great time. Crucial prices right now are;

  • Crucial 240gb $130.99 £97 inc VAT
  • Crucial 480gb $260.99 £202 inc VAT
  • Crucial 960gb $449.99 £346.99 inc VAT

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