Community Tip - Using Track Comments

02-14-2014 09:00 AM

Here is another tip from community member John Russell who says…
Hi Guys, loving your ongoing support of PT and its users. the PTE site is always my first stop in the morning.
Here is a PT tip that is probably so simple that everyone will have thought of it but hey ho, some might not have. In larger sessions, I like to use the PT mixer in collapsed mode (i.e. thin faders) but find the shortened track names are often indecipherable. The other day I hit on the idea of using the track comments field as an alternative place to name the tracks. The smaller font used means that you can always see what a track is called without resorting to a CMD/Option/M. Anyway, it was a revelation to me. keep up the great work.
Mike says, John I am with you, I hadn’t thought of it and I think its a great idea, thanks for sharing it.