Winner Of 100th Podcast Celebration Competition - Liz Scott

02-13-2014 01:09 PM

At the end of Podcast 100 we announced a competition to win an Audient iD22. We asked you to tell us why you are a fan of Pro Tools Expert and specified that entrants must live on planet Earth to enter.
As a team we read all the entries and chose the one we liked the most and we are delighted to announce that Liz Scott from the UK has won this competition. This is what Liz wrote….
I’m a fan of Pro Tools Expert because without it i would have never have beaten my anxiety disorder. Music was my hiding place and my brother studies it at university using Pro Tools on a daily basis. He showed me how to create music like I’ve never created before, and now we both create powerful motivating music to get me out of the house and achieve my dreams. As well as this Pro Tools Expert helps my brother to pursue his dream and one day he will be a mini David Guetta and it will be from the help of this software so a huge thank you to the founders and creators :) The technology and knowledge behind Pro Tools is a genius! Thank you to you all, and you’re all pretty awesome to have created this competition too :) P.S - I would just like to point out I live on planet earth :)
When we contacted Liz to give her the good news that she had won she told us a little more about herself…
I am 22 years old who shares a passion for music, but the person who inspired me and made me realise music was my hiding place was my brother and without him I wouldn’t have realised how powerful music is. I didn’t realise what fantastic technology was out there, I simply just thought people could sing and there would be a few instruments involved, but when I was introduced to Pro Tools Expert I couldn’t believe what I had been missing, but now its in my life and for that I thank the creators and all staff behind it.
I am just an ordinary girl, despite having anxiety issues, and I just want to say to all of you out there, never let anyone put you down, and never give up on your dreams, and if one day me or my brother make it as a well known musician then it will be thanks to the Pro Tools Experts. Thank you x
Liz, we love to be able to help people and it means so much to us here at Pro Tools Expert to know that we are able to help you is very humbling. We hope that you can Chris will enjoy using your Audient iD22 interface.