Community Tip - Using Memory Location 999

02-12-2014 09:00 AM

Here is a tip sent in by Come Jalibert, who writes….
Here’s a small tip I’d like to share with the community. I’m a sound editor in post-production, and all day long I need to temporarily mark a certain location in my timeline and jump back to it very quickly, to spot a sound for example. To do so I use Memory Location 999 which is very quick to set and recall. 3 adjacent keys on the numpad do the trick and make it very easy : zero, dot and enter.

  1. Set Location 999 with the following sequence : dot, zero and enter twice.
  2. Recall Location 999 with the following sequence : dot, zero, dot.

Blazing fast as you see! Hope this will help someone ;)
Best regards and keep on doing such a great work, you guys totally rock!
Mike says - Thanks Come for this tip. I never knew that 0 would create locate point 999. That is should a neat trick. I always used to use memory locate 1 to mark the ‘In’ for an edit and locate point 2 for the ‘Out’ but this is inspired.