Create Studio Sound Panels & Gobos Using IKEA Bookcases

02-07-2014 06:36 PM

Community member John Mackniskas has emailed us to tell us about his custom built studio sound panels and gobos using IKEA book cases. He writes;
Hi guys, I have a great tip on building high quality sound panels and GoBos using IKEA book shelves and rigid 703 fiberglass insulation.
You go to IKEA and buy the KILBY, Bookcase for $24.99 (Article Number: 400.681.54). It’s so simple to assemble. Then go to Hobby Lobby or an fabric store and buy yourself some Travel knit fabric, it is very elastic and will not wrinkle and is also really inexpensive.

Go to Home Depot or do a Google search on where to get yourself some Owens and Corning 703 or the comparable Johns Manville 814. for the insulation material. I used a staple gun to staple wood strips in to hold the travel knit. Anyway these are really great and would cost hundreds if not thousands to buy already made.

If you leave the back off and use L brackets to hold the rigid insulation from falling out they can be placed against the wall as sound panels or if you decide to put the supplied backing on they can be used as movable room sound Gobos.

For under $300.00 I was able to build 4 of these beauties. I love them and they look so good.

I have more pics if you need them but trust me these look great and work so well. The can be used as a vocal booth as the absorption is as to be expected with this type of rigid insulation.
Thanks John for sharing your work with the community!