Maggot Software Move Spanner & Conformalizer To iLok Authorisation

02-06-2014 09:44 AM

Our friends at Maggot Software have announced that Spanner and Conformalizer are moving to iLok authorisation. What this means for current users is….

  • Current and future versions of Spanner and Conformalizer will require iLok2
  • You will need to surrender your old maggot auth codes to get your iLok activation code
  • You will need to run Pro Tools 10.3.5 or greater since the new iLok’d Spanner version requires it.
  • Your old version will continue to run if you choose not to make the transition just now.

Remember that if you upgrade to the current build you’ll need to have your new iLok activation on hand.
The iLok’d versions are:

  • Spanner 2.1.11 (identical to 2.1.10 other than copy protection)
  • Conformalizer 3.6 (identical to 3.5.1 other than copy protection)

If you email Maggot with your current auth details they will send back your new iLok activation code.
Your old code will start with MSP- (for Spanner) or MCF- (for Conformalizer)