AIR Ignite Download Disappears

04-25-2013 02:27 PM

There seems to be some kind of issue with the servers at AIR, right now there’s a message saying “Ignite is temporarily not available, please try again later’.
Ignite is an out-of-the-box killer app, that takes a creative approach to composition, it’s a brave approach at helping creatives realise their ideas. I know that the reception to Ignite has been excellent, with a lot of downloads and both aspiring musicians and professionals alike saying how cool it is to have something like Ignite to get down ideas quick in such an intuitive way and with such great sounds.
I hope they sort out whatever technical issues they are having quick and get this baby back online, it could turn nasty, with comments already appearing on their Facebook page like;
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“How about the fact the link just says “Ignite is temporarily unavailable” With ZERO explanation. I just spent half a G on this Axiom61, and was so so so excited to start playing with it… Now I can’t even use it? Seriously pissed off about this.”
Ignite has the potential to drive sales to several other parts of the inMusic product portfolio as the comment above clearly shows, I’m sure their web team will move fast to stop this getting nasty. Watch this space…