InMusic Show Outstanding Customer Service

01-29-2014 12:05 PM

We’ve been getting some messages in from customers of inMusic and AIR Music Tech with news of unexpected but pleasing customer service.
Anthony Dominello wrote on the Pro Tools Expert Facebook page:
I just received this email purporting to be from Diigital River:
“Dear Air Music Customer,
In the month of October you purchased a backup disc for an Air Music product. We are aware that unfortunately some of the backup cds were sent incomplete. In the next week or so you should be receiving an external hard drive in the mail with the full Air Music Expansion Pack at no extra cost to you. Please accept the hard drive as a replacement for your back up cd and thank you for your support of Air Music.
Sincerely, Digital River Support”

If true, this is really going the extra mile
Eric Johnson then followed this up with this news:
I just received a full backup of the AIR Pro Tools Instrument Expansion Pack on a WD Passport bus-powered USB 3.0 hard drive. For all the folks that expressed their dissatisfaction with the backup disks previously supplied by Digital River, one must admit that this is an example of going to great lengths to make things right for the customers. Thank you AIR Music Tech and Digital River.
Kimball Owen-Brown also wrote to us with this email:
Hi Russ and Guys , just thought I’d write to give some feedback about Air Music. In particular. a gentleman called Brian Everybody takes the opportunity to moan complain but I’d like to say what a really great guy who went out of his way to be courteous and helpful . So big thumbs up to Air and there wonderful customer service big thanks

The AIR Instrument Expansion Pack update issues were well documented here, as were the comments to accompany some customer disatisfaction, we therefore think it is only right for us to publiscise when a brand does something good.