Why Apple Are In No Hurry To Build A New Mac Pro

04-23-2013 10:59 PM

Apple relased their numbers for 2013 Q2 today and so I decided to crunch them into this simple chart.
See the red slice of pie, that’s ALL CPU net sales - that’s all the OS products, computers including Laptops, Desktops and Towers. The rest of the pie is largely income from iOS devices, apps and the iTunes store. So let’s assume that we can divide the red slice 4 ways to cover Laptops, iMac, Mac Mini and Mac Pro… that gives around 3% revenue per line. Although Apple laptop sales account for more than 3% of that part of the pie, but we’ll assume the best and give Mac Pro 3% revenue contribution. To further focus the mind, accessory sales gave Apple revenue equivalent to one quarter of the red slice.
One simple rule of business is follow the money, as you can see for Apple nearly 90% of the money is in iOS and all that goes with it.
If you’ve just arrived on this blog for the first time by the magic of Google, then a quick word before you launch into an Apple fanboy rant - most of the team on this blog are Apple fanboys, so no PC lover conspiracies please. I’m not suggesting the Mac Pro is dead, in fact I’ll say that again just to make sure I can point whoever misquotes me on an Apple forum later… I am not suggesting the Mac Pro is dead. I am simply showing that when it comes to revenue contribution the Mac Pro is probably not at the top of Apple’s R&D list. You can add into the pot the possibilty that every Mac Pro buyer will buy either Logic or Final Cut, but that would only add a further 10-15% of revenue to the sale of that Mac Pro.
For me that’s not good news. Please prove me wrong Apple… please! Credible rumours are that it’s coming very soon, next week would be a nice time to do it.