Synchro Arts Revoice Pro - NAMM Special 259 - 30% Discount

01-20-2014 05:09 PM

Now you have the opportunity to buy the only plug-in that was on all 3 lists of plug-ins that got the Pro Tools Expert Team’s attention - Revoice Pro from Synchro Arts at a very special price.
This deal is not going to be round for long, so if you want to take the opportunity to get this great plug-in at an even better price, they buy it today because it may not be here tomorrow.
There is a lot we could say about how it works and what it can do, but you are best to watch the videos and see and hear how easy it is to use this unique plug-in.

What can it do?
Revoice Pro automatically time-aligns and tunes existing double tracks and ADR, or creates double tracks with astonishing speed, accuracy and quality. What’s more, you control the tightness of the time and pitch corrections. You’ll save hours of manual editing. But when you need to manually adjust time, pitch or level, Revoice Pro 2.2 now offers unbeatable precision, control and quality. Revoice Pro now supports Windows and OS X.

More details and buy….