Nifty Drive Offers MacBook Pro Tools Users Second Internal Drive

01-18-2014 10:16 PM

Using Pro Tools on a laptop when on the road sounds great in theory but in practise can be a bit of a pain in the ass. For a start you need at least one USB port for you iLok, otherwise you can kiss goodbye to Pro Tools even launching. Then you need to attach an external drive for your sessions, unless of course you ignore the advice not to use your system drive for projects. It all gets a bit of a rat’s nest if you’re not careful.
Nifty Drive solves the problem for MacBook users, by turning your SSD slot into a second hard drive.
Nifty Drive started life as a crowd funding project, I’ve been watching it for over a year. It got off to a rocky start with quality and supply issues but now seems to have ironed them out.
The Nifty Drive allows you to mount a Micro SD card into your Mac flush which can then be used as a second drive - perfect for using Pro Tools on the road. You need to buy the Micro SSD separately but I grabbed a 64gb Micro for £35 from Amazon.
I think it’s a perfect option for transferring mixes for when your on a train, plane or bus.
Check them out here